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Tips to Avoid Unwanted Police Stops

Posted by John Roberson III | Jan 19, 2024 | 0 Comments

Just last week, I had a client call me, shaken up over something that started as a routine traffic stop. It was a classic Alaska problem – they hadn't cleared the snow off their car's rear window. Seems minor, right? But this small oversight gave the cops a reason to stop them, and things quickly escalated. It's a story I've seen play out time and again. A little bit of vehicle maintenance could mean the difference between an uneventful drive and an unexpected legal headache.

Key Vehicle Maintenance Tips to Avoid Legal Trouble

  • Snow and Visibility: Always clear snow and ice off your car. We're talking roof, windows, license plates. It's not just about avoiding the 'snow flying off your car' scenario; it's a legal thing. Driving with your car covered in snow could get you stopped for obscured visibility.
  • Window Tint and License Plates: Fancy tinted windows might look cool, but make sure they're within legal limits. You don't want those windows to be a magnet for police attention. And your license plate? It should be clearly visible, no excuses. A dangling or obscured plate is a sure ticket to Trouble Town.
  • Lights Check: A burnt-out light is more than a safety issue; it's a beacon for traffic stops. Keep those headlights, tail lights, and signals in check. And remember, headlights aren't just for the dark – turn them on in bad weather too. Driving without them is like asking to be pulled over. It's also the law on the Seward Highway. Read the signs folks!

Wrap-Up: Small Things, Big Impact Regular vehicle maintenance isn't just about mechanics; it's about steering clear of legal pitfalls. In my time as a criminal defense lawyer, I've seen too many simple issues snowball into major legal dramas. Stay on top of your car and/or truck's condition. And hey, if things do escalate beyond a simple traffic stop, I'm here to help. It's amazing how often it's the little things that keep you off the radar.

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