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Mouth Alcohol and Blood Alcohol Content Results: Uncovering the Influence of Residual Booze

Posted by John Roberson III | Jan 05, 2024 | 0 Comments

When we talk about DUI cases and breathalyzer tests, it's not just about how many drinks you've knocked back. There's a thing called mouth alcohol that can throw off your BAC results. So, let's break down what mouth alcohol is, why it's a big deal in DUI cases, and why you need to keep it on your radar.

Mouth Alcohol: What's That? Think of mouth alcohol as booze that's hanging out in your mouth and throat, not the stuff that's made its way into your bloodstream. Here are a few ways it can happen:

  • Just Had a Drink: If you've just had a drink and then blow into a breathalyzer, guess what? That alcohol in your mouth can hike up your BAC reading.
  • Oops, I Vomited: If you've thrown up and then take the test, alcohol lingering in your mouth can also mess with the reading.
  • Dental Work and Mouthwash: Some dental treatments and mouthwashes have alcohol, which can leave traces in your mouth.

Why Mouth Alcohol Messes with BAC Readings Breathalyzers are meant to check the alcohol from deep lung air, which reflects your blood alcohol level. But if there's alcohol chilling in your mouth, the breathalyzer might pick that up instead. This can lead to a BAC reading that's way higher than what's actually in your blood.

Factors Behind Mouth Alcohol Here's what can ramp up the chances of mouth alcohol:

  • Recent Drinks: Obviously, if you've just had a drink, some of that alcohol might still be in your mouth.
  • Medical Stuff: Conditions like acid reflux can push stomach booze back into your mouth.
  • Dental Work: Some dental procedures can leave alcohol residues in your mouth.

Challenging the Breathalyzer If you're up against DUI charges and a breathalyzer test, you might need to look at:

  • Timing Matters: If you drank or vomited right before the test, that could affect things.
  • Health Conditions: Got a medical condition that could cause mouth alcohol? That's important to consider.
  • Device Issues: Was the breathalyzer calibrated right? Was the person using it trained properly?

Wrapping It Up Mouth alcohol is a key factor in DUI breathalyzer readings. It can make your BAC seem higher than it actually is, leading to wrongful charges or conviction. It's something that an experienced lawyer will pay attention to. 

Remember, this isn't legal advice, just some info to think about. Each DUI case is unique, so make sure you get a pro to look at your situation.

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