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Legal Blogs vs. Personal Legal Advice: Talk to A Lawyer

Posted by John Roberson III | Jan 24, 2024 | 0 Comments

I've lived in Alaska for over 20 years now and had the good fortune to visit many communities. I'm here to talk about a question that's raised in seemingly every community: Why do lawyers say the information we share on blogs like this or in casual conversation this isn't legal advice? Let's clear the air and show you the difference between reading about law and getting actual legal advice.

Legal Blogs: Shining a Light, Not a Lifeline

Legal blogs, in our digital age, are like lighthouses. They help you navigate the murky waters of law, but don't mistake them for a personal guide. My blog dives into legal topics, keeps you posted on issues and topics that I find interesting (at least interesting enough to write about). Sometimes, I'll discuss new changes, and sometimes, we talk about cases that make you think. Sure, we'll chat about Alaska's criminal defense laws, but your specific legal troubles? We do not go there. I'm not being stiff (or money hungry); it's a professional necessity. Alaska's lawyer rules demand client confidentiality and tailored advice. A blog post is a wide net – it can't cater to the intricacies of your unique situation.

Personalized Legal Advice: Tailored, Not Ready-Made

Law isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. It's more like a custom suit. Every case has its quirks and details that a general online post can't capture.

Take a self-defense case in a criminal charge. A blog might sketch out self-defense laws in Alaska, but it won't dissect the specific evidence or legal nuances crucial to your situation. Decisions based on broad strokes can lead to surprises, and not the good kind. The devil's in the details in legal matters.

Ethics and Responsibility: More Than Just Words

We lawyers have an ethical code – it's not just fluff. It's our vow to keep legal practice above board and ensure our advice hits the mark. In Alaska, the rules are clear: be competent and communicate in a way that resonates with the client.

For a law blog, the goal is to share information that's both accurate and useful, without stepping into the territory of personalized advice. We need to steer clear of giving specific guidance because that requires diving deep into the nuances of someone's unique situation, which a blog just can't do.

Safeguarding the Public: A Shield, Not a Sword

In legal blogs, those disclaimers are more than the fine print that you find at the bottom of this page Terms of Use (check them out). They're there to protect you. They remind you that what you're reading is general and not to be taken as personalized advice for your situation. I'm want to promote responsible use of legal information. That means think about it and ASK your legal counsel, but I suggest not telling all that you know about a given topic. 

These disclaimers are our way of preventing misunderstandings. By stating that blog content isn't legal advice, we nudge readers towards seeking personal counsel for their unique legal needs. What works in a casual chat might not hold up in court.

Plus, these disclaimers underline the importance of direct conversations with legal pros. Legal puzzles are often complex, and a chat with a lawyer offers the detailed discussion that a blog can't. It's about making informed choices based on solid, personalized legal advice.

Wrapping It Up

Navigating legal issues is like venturing into unknown territory – you need someone who knows the lay of the land. This blog is a place for me to discuss general legal knowledge, but it's not a substitute for personalized advice. 

If you're in a legal bind, remember that the law is as diverse as the people it serves. For guidance that fits your scenario, reach out to us for a one-on-one chat. Let's face these legal hurdles together, armed with the right tools and advice from someone who's walked Alaska's legal paths for years.

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