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My Deep Dive in DUI Defense

Posted by John Roberson III | Feb 13, 2024 | 0 Comments

As a dedicated criminal defense attorney with a focus on DUI cases, I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to sharpen my skills and deepen my understanding of the law and its enforcement. Really. Recently, I embarked on a journey to Santa Ana, California, where I attended the National College For DUI Defense's Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) Seminar. This experience wasn't just an opportunity to enjoy the sunny climes of California but turned out to be an intense, illuminating dive into the methodologies used in DUI detection.

A Rigorous Learning Experience

The seminar offered a deep dive into the National Highway Transportation Administration's (NHTSA) approach to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) detection, a methodology familiar to me through reading of the NHTSA manual in preparation for trials. However, reading about procedures and experiencing them firsthand are two vastly different things. The seminar's curriculum was both intense and informative, designed not just to teach but to test us thoroughly through both practical and written exams, complemented by surprise quizzes to keep us on our toes. I'm proud to share with you, my loyal readers, that I passed, completing the same rigorous course that police officers nationwide are required to undertake.

DUI SFST Certificate

Valuable Insights and Real-World Application

One of the seminar's highlights was having a retired police officer walk us through the significant aspects of the field sobriety test. Understanding why each test is performed in its specific way added layers of insight into my existing knowledge. This perspective is invaluable, particularly when cross-examining officers in court. The testing environment's intensity was crucial in ensuring these details were not just learned but ingrained, ready to be recalled when most needed.

Having a trusted partner and study buddy throughout this journey proved to be incredibly beneficial. The camaraderie and mutual support not only helped with absorbing the material but also made the intense learning process more enjoyable and memorable.

Applying New Knowledge to Defend with Zeal

Reflecting on this experience, I realize the immense value it brings to my practice. Understanding the intricacies of SFSTs from both a theoretical and practical standpoint equips me with a unique advantage in defending those charged with DUIs. It has provided me with fresh insights and strategies to employ in my defense tactics, allowing me to approach cases with renewed creativity and zeal.

I'm excited to bring this enhanced expertise to your case. The insights gained from the seminar have armed me with a deeper understanding of DUI detection methodologies, enabling me to scrutinize the evidence against my clients with greater precision and to challenge it more effectively. My commitment to defending my clients has always been unwavering, but this experience has further fortified my resolve and my ability to secure the best possible outcomes.

Looking Forward

To those facing DUI charges and in need of defense, know that my recent training has not only reaffirmed but elevated my capability to represent you with the utmost dedication and expertise. I look forward to discussing your case, applying my newly acquired knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of DUI law and ensuring we achieve the most favorable resolution possible.

This journey has been more than just a learning experience; it has been a reaffirmation of my commitment to defending the accused with every tool at my disposal. As we move forward, I am more equipped than ever to take on the challenges of DUI defense, and I am eager to put this knowledge to work for you.

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