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More Misconceptions about DUIs in Alaska

Posted by John Roberson III | Jan 18, 2024 | 0 Comments

In the world of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) investigations, there's a sea of myths and misunderstandings. It's important for drivers to get the real scoop on these myths, as they can really change the game in those critical moments. Let's set the record straight with a mix of hard facts and some made-up stories.

Misconception 1: Field Sobriety Tests are the Be-all and End-all

A lot of folks think field sobriety tests are the gold standard for spotting impairment, but that's not always the case. Picture Walter, a 45-year-old fisherman with a bad knee. When he got pulled over, he couldn't do the 'walk-and-turn' test or the 'one legged stand' "properly, and the cops thought he was drunk. But it wasn't booze – it was his knee. This goes to show that these tests can sometimes send the wrong signal.

Misconception 2: Saying No to a Breathalyzer Makes the Problem Go Away

There's this myth that if you refuse a breathalyzer during a DUI stop, you're in the clear. But it's not that simple. Take Miranda the doctor, who thought she'd outsmart the system by refusing the test. Bad move. Her license got yanked right away, and in court, her refusal was seen as a sign of guilt. Turning down a breathalyzer can often make things messier.

Misconception 3: DUI is All About Booze

Many people think DUI charges are just about drinking. Wrong. Let's talk about Michael, who was on meds for anxiety. He didn't realize they'd affect his driving, but they did, and he ended up with a DUI charge. The law looks at impairment from anything – alcohol, legal meds, over-the-counter stuff – you name it.

Misconception 4: A DUI Charge Means You're Done For

There's this belief that if you're charged with DUI, you might as well throw in the towel. But that's not how it works. Consider Sarah's story. She got slapped with DUI charges after a night out. But her lawyer found out the breathalyzer was not properly calibrated and got her off the hook. A charge is just the start – there are a lot of twists and turns that can happen before a verdict.


In the twisty world of DUI laws, falling for myths can lead you down the wrong path. It's key to know what's what. Field sobriety tests aren't always right, saying no to a breathalyzer has its downsides, DUI isn't just about alcohol, and a charge doesn't mean you're automatically guilty. When navigating these waters, it's smart to be well-informed and to get some solid legal advice when you need it. Stay sharp, and if you're ever unsure, reach out to a lawyer who will fight for you.

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